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May 14, 2022 View:

What are the precautions in the use of the lobe rotor pump

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lobe pump

A. Requirements for storage conditions

If the lobe pump is not in use, the storage must pay attention to keep the environment

If the lobe twin pump is not in use when stored must pay attention to keep the environment dry, to avoid corrosion of the pump body caused by moisture, so as to effectively ensure that the pump body works properly. If there is corrosion, then the performance of the pump body parts with each other to play greatly reduced, but also serious loss of life of the pump body, this must be noted.

Two, the replacement must be in line with the model standard

If the pump body is found to be severely worn during the use of the lobe double pump, the need for replacement must be selected from the same raw materials, and the size of the components specifications are matched, otherwise, if the model is not used correctly will appear this or that problem, so This is not conducive to use.

Three, frequent inspection and maintenance of the parts

When using the lobe double pump should pay attention to the usual inspection and maintenance, for example:

1, the pump body must often add grease to ensure the lubrication of the pump body.

2, often check the solidity of some articulation of each part.

3, some power plugs and other places should be carefully checked to avoid leakage.

4. Pay attention to the wear and tear of each part in time, and find timely repair or replacement.

The above considerations for the use of lobe twin pumps must be mastered by the operator, so as to better ensure that the pump service performance is improved and effectively extend its service life, so these elements are very important.