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May 14, 2022 View:

What are the principles and characteristics of piston rotor pumps

The piston lobe pump can be used for sewage drainage and other fields, and many chemical printing and dyeing factories use this machine to transport some high viscosity or highly corrosive products, so we still need to understand the main working principle and main features of the product when we buy this product, and understanding these contents can help you choose the right product. Here we look at what the main principles of piston lobe pump are and what their main features are.

lobe pump

I. Main working principle

The main working principle of the piston lobe pump is that the piston rotor has high lift force and adsorption force after turning up, and it is a volumetric lobe pump that relies on

The piston lobe pump is a volumetric lobe pump, relying on the air pressure difference to transport the medium, the medium and the pump body is not in contact, so in the process of conveying the machine generally does not cause too much damage, so it is used in many places.

Two, the main application range

Now many piston lobe pump are used in many places, such as in the petrochemical industry, the treatment of dirty oil and other industries, but also can handle methanol, but in the treatment of dirty oil choose to use fluorine rubber, in the treatment of methanol choose to use EPDM rubber, in the treatment of sludge in the municipal industry choose to use nitrile rubber, in the treatment of chemical solutions The choice of stainless steel lobe pump, to use different products according to the scope of different products.

The main advantages of piston lobe pump

The advantages of piston lobe pump are still very obvious, one of the more obvious advantages is that the structure is very compact, do not take up too much space, and screw pumps are very advantageous compared to many industries, so they are used.

Another feature of the piston lobe pump is its ability to dry rotate in a short period of time with little damage to the machine, and its ability to be self-priming and stable with a high suction range, making it a safe choice for everyone.