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May 14, 2022 View:

What are the rotor pump models

Guide: The lobe pump is a volumetric type of pump, alias a lobe pump, with a relatively simple structure and a number of parameters involved in the selection process, so many customers have strict requirements for the selection.

lobe pump

1、Oil industry lobe pump

This lobe pump The main use is a kind of dongzi called rubber package for rotor cladding, the pump is mainly made of ductile iron, this material is more suitable for the rapid transmission of some oil and water compounds, plays a key role in the oil extraction industry, is in use in the extraction industry indispensable kind of equipment.

2. lobe pump for the environmental protection industry

Environmental protection has been a topic of great importance to the country in recent years, and the use of lobe pump is quite extensive and indispensable for the lobe pump used in the environmental protection industry, mainly for some sludge processing, efficient in the process, for environmental protection work

The lobe pump used in the environmental protection industry are mainly for some sludge treatment, efficient in the process, providing the most favorable guarantee for environmental protection.

3. lobe pump for the chemical industry

The lobe pump used in the chemical industry generally use stainless steel as the material, which is mainly related to some chemical solutions, as we all know, some chemical solutions will have a certain degree of corrosiveness, at this time we need to use a special material as a carrier, to This is a special material to cope with the problem of corrosiveness of the pump casing.

There are many different types of lobe pump models, some of which are more common than others, and in the process of choosing a lobe pump model, you should know some of the parameters to see if some of them match to avoid some problems.