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May 14, 2022 View:

What details to pay attention to in the installation of lobe rotor pumps

The installation of the cam lobe pump is always various in our life, because if this equipment is not installed properly, it may have an impact on itself.

lobe pump

Installation Details One: Motor Calibration

In the actual installation of the lobe lobe pump, the installation details are also of paramount importance, as the calibration of the motor is done. It is completely important for the product to come out and be adjusted so that all the equipment can be installed after the foundation. To remove the coupling and to check the coaxiality of all the drive shafts, if the foundation is not particularly flat, you can bend it after installation.

Installation detail 2: Direction of rotation

The direction of rotation of the lobe lobe pump is also indicated on the sign, but the direction of rotation of the entire unit will also determine the original direction of media delivery. If the direction of rotation needs to be changed in this, it must be approved by more suppliers.

Installation detail 3: Rotational pressure

The rotational pressure of the lobe lobe pump is tested before it leaves the factory, and all these tests are marked on the nameplate. When selecting these devices, users should consider the overall device pressure and the surrounding accessory system to see if they match.

What details are important in the actual construction of a cam lobe pump? The above details are important, and we should also pay attention to every area of the installation to ensure that it will eventually run effectively. If you have any questions during the operation, be sure to consult a professional.