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May 14, 2022 View:

What is a lobe double rotor pump what are the main features

There are also many places where cams double lobe pump are used. The so-called cam double lobe pump refers to the synchronous movement of the two rotors during operation, the rotors are driven by an external gearbox together, the rotors are driven by the drive shaft for synchronous work, thus constituting an environment with high vacuum and discharge pressure, which is suitable for some high viscosity The rotor is driven by an external gearbox and the rotor is synchronized by the drive shaft, thus constituting a high vacuum and discharge pressure environment, which is suitable for conveying some high viscosity and corrosive media. What are the main features of the lobe type double lobe pump?

lobe pump

I. Main features of the machine

The lobe double lobe pump is a volumetric lobe pump capable of transporting many highly corrosive and viscous fluids, and is one of the more advanced instruments for transporting media today. Advanced an apparatus, with a full rubber wrapped, there is a strong corrosion resistance, so many corrosive media are transported through this pump, but also a strong adsorption and head force, can be idle in a short period of time, so this pump is used in many scenarios, and the use of later reliable solid and efficient, but also able to transport media with particles.

The main reason why many hospitals and high-viscosity and highly corrosive media are now transported with this machine is still because the lobe double lobe pump has a certain gap between the rotor and the rotor during transportation, the coefficient of friction is not there, so it can extend the service life of the machine, and for many units this is a good way to save costs and improve efficiency. A good way, so all will choose a good product at once to ensure the reliability of product quality in the later use process.

The above is a brief introduction to the cam type double lobe pump, I hope you can refer to it when choosing a good product to improve efficiency.