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May 14, 2022 View:

What is a rotor pump What are the characteristics of a rotor pump

The lobe pump is a rotating volumetric pump with a good flow rate, the demand for various pumps is very high, and the product models are suitable for different scenarios. So what are the characteristics of the lobe pump?

lobe pump

I. Classification of lobe pump

There are many different classifications of lobe pump. According to the mechanism, they can be divided into gear pumps, screw pumps, lobe pumps, Roots pumps, flexible impeller pumps, sliding vane pumps, hose pumps, etc. Gear pumps deliver or pressurize liquids by changing and moving the working volume formed between the pump body and the meshing gears, and screw pumps suck liquids by meshing the screws with each other.

Second, the compact structure of the lobe pump

A variety of lobe pump have many of the same characteristics, for example, there is no suction and discharge valves, the main working parts are the pump casing and rotor, and the rotor includes gears, screws, cams and so on. The lobe pump has no shocks, the speed is relatively high, the structure is simple and compact, the system is relatively small, and the scope of application is relatively wide.

Three, lobe pump can be used to convey liquids

The flow rate of lobe pump is not very large, so the efficiency is not particularly high, more suitable for conveying small amounts of liquid, usually used as auxiliary equipment. Good wear resistance, often used to transport sludge, sewage, slurry and other fluid media containing impurities, in addition to a wide range of media viscosity transport, from low viscosity media to high viscosity media can be smoothly transported, maintenance is also very simple, because the lobe pump does not need to disassemble the pipeline.

lobe pump

Through the above, you can understand what a lobe pump is and the classification and common features of lobe pump, which have many advantages and are therefore used more frequently. The advantages of lobe pump are many, so they are used more frequently.