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May 18, 2022 View:

What is the advantage of Qinping mechanical lobe type rubber lobe pump over other pumps

Return sludge lobe pump Since the solid content of sludge is 3-6%, we provide the return sludge lobe pump configuration with axial and radial wear protection liner to effectively protect the pump casing, and only need to replace the wear liner when the medium wears the equipment seriously. Save late equipment maintenance costs.
1, sludge wear: sludge wear on the pump is normal, need to replace the rotor, stator (for screw pumps)
2, equipment maintenance costs: the initial purchase of the lobe pump does not meet the requirements of the owner, but the cost of later parts is 5% - 10% of the whole pump; the process of replacement is simple: only need to remove the pump cover on the pipeline to replace the rotor, no need to remove the motor.
3. The pump covers an area: ground installation, 1/3 of a screw pump;
Return sludge lobe pumpFeatures
1. Sludge lobe pump covers a small area, large maintenance space, online maintenance, no need to remove pipeline, motor
2. Simple structure, few parts, wearing parts include rubber rotor, wear-resistant liner, pump cover O-ring, mechanical seal. From experience, the rubber rotor and wear-resistant liner need to be replaced, and as long as no leakage occurs, there is no need to replace the mechanical seal of the sludge lobe pump and the pump cover O-ring.
3. Sludge with solids content between 3% and 6% can be used in sludge lobe pumps, which is not much different from screw pumps
Energy saving and environmental protection:
1. The lifting impeller has a hydraulic design with no winding blockage;
2. The shaft and oil chamber are reliably sealed and protected against leakage;
3. Easy to install Quickly, can be used in any shape of pool, occupying a small area;
4. Simple operation, easy maintenance, small power of supporting motor, no noise.