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May 14, 2022 View:

What is the difference between a screw pump and a rotor pump

lobe pump

Differences a, installation space and transport direction is different. A difference between screw pumps and lobe pump is that there is still a difference in installation space, lobe pump: narrow design, the area required is small, no need to repair the rated space of the lobe pump, you can adjust the caliber according to customer requirements. Screw pumps, on the other hand, are in different series of different calibrations, but the screws are long, the space required for repair, and each pump flange caliber only one. Among them, the lobe pump distribution direction is reversible, the pump is completely symmetrical structure. Screw pumps, on the other hand, are not reversible, and the seal is in compression when transported backwards.

Difference #2: There are some differences in maintenance. lobe pump are easy to repair, requiring no disassembly of piping, fewer special tools, less space, and less manpower.

Progressive cavity pumps are not easy to repair. Each repair requires disassembly of pipes, universal joints, stator, rotor and other parts to be disassembled with special tools, and a lot of space is needed to complete the repair work, and more than 2 people to complete the repair work.

Difference 3: Different maintenance and upkeep costs. lobe pump maintenance costs are extremely low, the lobe pump patent adjustable rotor and replaceable rotor end, low spare parts capital, low cost of replacing the casing and mechanical seal, the cost of accessories is only about 10% of the total pump.

So to understand the difference between the screw pump and the lobe pump, as long as it is understood, then it is possible to find such a difference between the equipment is still there, so companies need to choose according to their actual needs.