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May 14, 2022 View:

What is the difference between high viscosity rotor pump and the previous rotor pump

Guide: High viscosity lobe pump are also known as lobe lobe pump, and the purpose of this lobe pump is to transport fluid mainly by the periodic transformation of the fixed volume transport unit inside the internal cavity. At present, this kind of lobe pump mainly adopts the material with reliable sealing and long service life to produce, so the high viscosity lobe pump is used in petrochemical, asphalt, food, light industry and other industries. So, what is the difference between the high viscosity lobe pump and the previous similar products? To understand this question, you will have to look for the answer in the following points.

lobe pump

1, new energy-saving product

The design of this lobe pump is more innovative, and although it runs at a lower speed, it is highly efficient. Under normal circumstances, it is able to achieve about 30% lower energy savings compared to previous similar products.

2. Better sealing

Based on its lower speed, the sealing surface does not generate high temperature, and its wear is reduced, so the sealing increases in time.

3. Insulation type

The new high viscosity lobe pump has an additional insulation device inside the jacket, and the insulation range is generally up to about 250℃. For the temperature, this is a range that can be freely adjusted. This is also a feature of the new lobe pump that has changed, right?

4, wide range of applications

The range of applications is very wide, basically an ideal alternative to the progressive cavity pump.

It is in these areas that the high viscosity lobe pump is different from the lobe pump of the past, and some changes have taken place. It is now a new type of lobe pump that is more efficient and energy efficient to meet the market demand.