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May 14, 2022 View:

What is the difference between rotor pump and screw pump

There are differences between lobe pump and progressive cavity pumps, and the differences can be seen in terms of volume, self-priming power, pressure, and maintenance. As for what type of equipment to use, it depends entirely on the production conditions of the plant, and each type of equipment has corresponding advantages and disadvantages. So what is the difference between lobe pump and progressive cavity pumps?

lobe pump

1, self-priming capacity is different

The lobe pump is affected by the speed, only when the equipment speed reaches 200rpm 1, the self-priming ability is different

The lobe pump is affected by the rotational speed, only when the equipment speed reaches 200rpm, there will be good self-priming ability, and during this period can be dry running. The screw pump can not do so, although its self-priming ability is also very strong, but dry running can not be more than half a minute, otherwise it is not good for the equipment.

2, the size of the footprint is different

lobe pump design is more compact, covers an area of not much, and does not require too big site can be. Generally can have special requirements, but also can be combined with the need to customize the special caliber size. The progressive cavity pump, on the other hand, has a long screw and covers a slightly larger area. If it is equipment maintenance, then you need to prepare a larger site in advance to avoid maintenance discomfort. Furthermore, it has only one size and cannot be customized at will.

3, dry rotation sensitivity is different

The lobe pump is able to dry rotation, generally more than half an hour are no problem, the temperature will not rise too quickly, and will not damage to the equipment. The single screw pump, on the other hand, will increase the temperature of the equipment after a few minutes of dry rotation, and overheating can easily become dangerous.

In addition, the difference between a lobe pump and a progressive cavity pump is related to maintenance methods, parts costs, and service life. On the whole, lobe pump are much easier to repair, and once the equipment is damaged in situ, the price of spare parts and so on is not very high.