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May 14, 2022 View:

What is the scope of application of the lobe rotor pump equipment

Cam lobe pump are one of the most common types of equipment in industry, but they may not be well understood by entrepreneurs who have never used them at all.

globe pump

I. Introduction to the equipment

The cam-lobe pump is processed and manufactured using advanced foreign technology and multipurpose products, and contains a variety of colloids. The product can be classified according to the environmental media used for each product and equipment. It can be, because there are many differences, and the products are closer to the German type in terms of manufacturing or precision.

The range of applications

The cam lobe pump are better used in the petrochemical, fine chemical or other chemical and pharmaceutical industries during actual use. It can be used in the food industry, the environmental protection industry, or the paint and metallurgy industry. It has been well received by most users as a replacement for imported products.

Three, the working principle

The lobe lobe pump relies on two synchronous counter-rotating rotors, which are in a state of complete import during the rotation process and can generate suction to the maximum extent. It is possible to target the desired material, to separate more things into different small spaces between the two rotors, and to run to different locations. The actual transport process in each different location can be completely transported to different media.

What are the features of a lobe lobe pump in practice? The company's products have been designed to meet the needs of the market, and are available in a wide range of sizes and sizes.