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May 14, 2022 View:

What is the working principle of the rotor pump

lobe pump are one of the most common devices in our lives, and in fact, such a device may not be particularly well understood, what exactly is a lobe pump? What can it do to help people's lives?

lobe pump

I. Introduction to lobe pump

The lobe pump is a device that, in the process of actual construction, does a periodic transformation by means of more than one fixed volume of liquid output units in the working chamber. The mechanical energy of the equipment can be converted directly into the fluid by means of a direct conversion. The mechanical energy of the device can be converted directly into the kinetic energy of the pressure of the fluid being conveyed.

The lobe pump structure

The structure used in the actual construction of the lobe pump is relatively distinctive, because it is well designed and can effectively reduce the footprint. From the surface is definitely also more beautiful, and the grade is very high, can avoid the original paste brush paint off, but the product performance is more excellent, but also can effectively reduce the consumption of all the elastic power. The ability to avoid noise or some kind of replacement can maximize efficiency.

Three, the working principle

In the actual working process of the lobe pump, the equipment can be rotated completely by reversing the rotor, in this case to be able to suck in all the materials needed. Two rotors can divide more rotors into a variety of small spaces and can be used in many different locations. In addition, the lobe pump is versatile and is particularly suitable for transporting slurry and other media containing solid particles.

What are the operational characteristics of a lobe pump during actual operation? The lobe pump can bring a lot of advantages to you through some of the above introduction, and you should know more about this equipment.