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May 14, 2022 View:

What kind of installation methods are available for rotor pumps

The lobe pump is the most common product in our life, in fact, sometimes if it is to be used in industry, probably the most important concern for most people is the different installation methods. The lobe pump has a variety of mounting options, and we choose these options based on the actual needs of the customer's site to choose the most suitable mounting option for them.

globe pump

Type 1 installation: standard installation

During the installation process, all of these electrodes can be mounted on a common steel base with a flexible coupling shaft for A series of drives, the entire lobe pump machine has a very low height and is particularly easy to maintain.

The second type of installation: motor mounted on top

The lobe pump can be effectively driven by belts if the motor is mounted on some common steel base. The base will have a variety of different adjusting bolts to better adjust the tightness of the belt, and the entire exposed rotating parts basically cover a variety of steel shields to ensure that the installation process can bring better safety results.

The third type of installation: mobile installation

This type of installation is to install the lobe pump on a cart, so that they can be found in the field to do flexible movement, and the wheels are completely lockable, and the height of the tail wheel is all adjustable, so that it is easy to do the relevant import and export adjustment in some rugged places.

What are the mounting options for lobe pump? All three of the above are very important. Each person can choose the installation method that suits his or her situation.