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May 14, 2022 View:

What kind of product features does the stainless steel rotor pump have

The stainless steel lobe pump is a product that many people call the most popular in real life. Generally speaking, in the process of rotation, the inlet may produce suction, and this product is fully capable of inhaling the various materials needed, but the product is used in the process of all the materials are stainless steel, so what kind of product characteristics does this product have while in use?

lobe pump

Feature 1: Precise control of the product

The precise control of the stainless steel lobe pump is important in the actual use of the pump, and generally speaking, it can accurately do the relevant control, and can easily control all the variable pump. And centrifugal pumps basically output all the flow can not do effective control, with the resistance of increasing and decreasing, even this product has a strong self-priming ability, the product must be filled with liquid before running.

Feature 2: Smooth output of the product

The rotation speed of stainless steel lobe pump is relatively low, basically these rotational speeds between 200 and 600 rpm are transported materials can be smoothly output, and their composition will not be damaged.

Feature 3: Higher product rotational speed

The rotational speed of stainless steel lobe pump is relatively high, and the materials being conveyed are subjected to strong impact or centrifugal force, which may often produce some material compositions that are different when conveying mixed materials, and can cause the quality of the finished products to gradually decline. They are particularly suitable for use on some mixed conveying materials or solid materials.

Stainless steel lobe pump are widely used because of their many advantages. The product is capable of transporting relatively high viscosity materials and is easily made into varieties with relatively high output pressures to better meet the use of different applications.