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May 14, 2022 View:

What matters need to be noted during the use of lobe rotor pump

Guide: The proper operation of cam lobe pump has a very close connection to the life cycle of cam lobe pump, so people should pay attention to the common problems of lobe pump use and its standard operation when using cam lobe pump, as detailed below for everyone:

lobe pump

First of all, in use, one must pay attention to the storage of the lobe lobe pump in a natural environment that is dry, clean and free of corrosive vapors. People should store every part and replace the same parts, when overhauling the cam lobe pump, should store every part, to need to pay attention to the explosion-proof parts of the explosion-proof surface can not make it damage the pressure light including insulation layer gasket and waterproof casing, if destroyed, must replace the same parts on the shelves, can not choose less than the raw material characteristics of alternative raw materials or the original specification model does not meet the parts, assembly line to all parts according to the original The parts should be installed according to the original part, not to be ignored.

Second, the lobe lobe pump is must often grease, in high-speed operation, lubricating grease to facilitate evaporation, must make the rolling bearing at the wetting can be kept clean, and pay attention to timely replacement. Cam lobe pump, overhaul, shall check the power plug: internal wiring, power plug, power switch is excellent, grounding resistance is all normal, brush tail seat is loose, commutator and carbon brush contact is excellent, armature winding level expansion motor stator winding resistance is moderate short circuit condition, rolling bearing and rotating parts are not the destruction of these. Lobe lobe pump pay attention to the grounding resistance, long-term idle without the need or in the wet and cold natural environment of the electric pumping pump, before use must be used to measure the grounding resistance of the winding resistance. If the ground resistance between the winding resistance and the motor case is lower than seven, the winding resistance must be carried out to the dry solution.

According to some concise and clear details about the cam lobe pump, we expect the big guys to have some mastery, which will help you in using the cam lobe pump equipment in the future, and if you still want to know more, you can contact Ace engineers.