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May 18, 2022 View:

What technical characteristics are reflected by the lobe pump in the working situation

First of all, let me tell you about the principle of lobe pump, which is a lobe pump with the help of two rotors rotating in the same and opposite direction during the whole process of rotation in the inlet caused by the adsorption force, and then sucked into the raw material to be transported, the two rotors will rotor room separated into a number of small indoor space, and according to the operation. When running to the part, only the I chamber is filled with media; to the part b, the B chamber is closed part of the media, to the part C, the A chamber is also closed media; to the part d, the A chamber B chamber and II chamber interchange, the media is transported to the inlet, and so on and so forth, the media is continuously transported out.

lobe pump

All parts of the lobe pump that touch the raw material being conveyed are made of stainless steel plates that meet national specifications, and the hydraulic seals are made of non-toxic vulcanized rubber, with reliable anti-rust treatment and non-toxic containment. The streamlined structure of the rotor and the absence of fixed points and non-metallic material parts in its rotor chamber prevent environmental pollution caused by the conveyed chemicals. It is especially suitable for conveying low viscosity, high concentration and all media containing particles, which are very easy to froth during the whole process. The raw materials conveyed by it maintain their original quality without any physical or chemical reflection.

The lobe pump uses externally mounted dynamic and static ring type machine seal, which can be cleaned immediately with water, resistant to Kor Kor pressure, not easily damaged, no leakage, small size, large total flow, high working pressure of the pump head, available for long distance and high frictional resistance quantitative analysis of the transport, the centrifugal impeller of the pump is separated from the transmission system transmission gear, and in the middle of each spare part in the pump cavity to ensure a certain gap, not touching each other, no damage.