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May 11, 2022 View:

Which Pumps Can Be Replaced By Rotary Lobe Pumps With Strong Self-Priming

Which pumps can be replaced by lobe pumps with strong self-priming? Today Ace lobe pump's will tell you.

lobe pump

Oily sewage lift pumps: alternative to long-shaft submerged pumps, lobe pumps can be installed dry, self-priming when switched on, no pump filling required, non-clogging, good throughput, wear and corrosion resistance.

Manure sewage lifting pumps: alternative to centrifugal pumps, energy saving and environmental protection, mixed gas-liquid transport, high efficiency.

High efficiency sedimentation tank sludge lifting pump: can replace the screw pump, solve the problem of fast wear of the stator of the screw pump, the replacement of parts is cumbersome step by step, reduce the comprehensive use cost.

Mem brane treatment pumps: MBR membrane treatment in water treatment plants, forward pumping, reverse flushing.

Non-woven industry: circulation tank clear water treatment, negative inlet pressure, evacuation of the medium in the tank, gas-liquid mixed state, stable transport to the target pipeline.

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