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May 11, 2022 View:

Why Do Rotary Lobe Pumps Need To Pan Before Starting

In general, the lobe pump needs to be disked before starting for the following purposes.

1. Ensure that the bearings rotate flexibly and can be started immediately in case of emergency.

2、Prevent the pump shaft from bending and deforming. ;

3. In winter, the pannier also plays a role in preventing freezing.

4, to prevent the mechanical seal of the static and dynamic ring is sealed by the medium, the motor start torque is too large direct damage to the static and dynamic ring.

Object of the pannier.

Discing of standby pumps before they are ready to start and pumps that have been out of use for a long time.

The way the panniers are.

The final mark after the reel is to be 180 degrees apart from the initial position, i.e. 180 degrees in a flat reel.

Another thing to note: normal pumps are fine with a manual, but larger units like compressors will need a coiler.

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