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May 11, 2022 View:

Why Is The Price Difference Of Rotary Lobe Pump On The Market So Big

A good product requires quality assurance, technical support, cooperation of the R&D team and marketing success, etc. Therefore, the price of the product can reflect its value. On the market at present, the price of lobe pumps varies, from the appearance alone it is impossible to see where its quality is poor, the price gap requires the purchaser to seriously understand the reasons behind it to truly understand!

1、Brand concept

lobe pump itself high price, long service life, good brand will use quality and stability to start, choose the comprehensive use of the highest cost of pump type program; and some brands in order to sell, combined with the domestic use and engineering operation of the actual, only consider the use of short-term, low price.

2、Technology development capability

All the structure of the lobe pump, the working principle, the application process originated from Germany, the domestic research is very little, even if the research theory is very new, but only in the experimental stage, the domestic equipment and technical personnel capacity is difficult to achieve the landing requirements.

3、Processing level

China's traditional education philosophy does not look favourably on the development prospects of technicians engaged in manufacturing, resulting in a shortage of talent. Domestic processing capabilities are limited by the precision of the equipment, which makes it difficult to meet the processing requirements of foreign drawings, and the lack of precision prevents the product from achieving its original design intent.

4、Large market but mixed

China's domestic market is very large, but many small workshop manufacturers, in the stage of selling looks, if you want to do a professional lobe pump manufacturers, set formal R & D, manufacturing, marketing as a whole, then the capital investment is very large, and the return cycle is long, which is also the reason why many domestic manufacturing enterprises can not do big.

5、Large gap in capital operation capacity

Strong lobe pump manufacturers, the strength of the capital operation is also first-class, the lobe pump price system is perfect, pricing is reasonable, the supply chain can achieve a virtuous cycle, which also needs the support of talent.

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