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May 11, 2022 View:

Why Sludge Rotary Lobe Pump Can Achieve Non-Clogging

When choosing a sludge pump for a wastewater treatment plant, if you encounter sludge coming from the municipal network, as there are many cloths, branches, toilet paper, plastic bags and other fibrous substances that are easily blocked, once the pump outlet is blocked, it will have an impact on the whole production station and will be replaced with a new pump in serious cases. For this reason, it is important to choose a non-clogging pump when transferring sludge.

In many wastewater treatment plants, in order to solve the problem of pump clogging, most choose rot or pumps to transport sludge. The lobe pump is a rubber covered rotor with three spiral lobes, known as a rotary lobe pump, the rubber material is corrosion resistant and wear resistant for sludge, the lobe pump has a low rotational speed and is used as a sludge pump, the common working conditions in the selection, the speed is between 200-300 rpm, if there is fibrous material mentioned at the beginning, in the conveying process, according to the atmospheric pressure, lies in the pump cavity internal contact The pump can be pushed from the inlet side to the outlet side with a very small area.

In addition, the sludge lobe pump has a strong self-priming capacity, easy installation, good passing performance and a long service life.