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May 11, 2022 View:

Why The Membrane Processing Industry Should Choose To Use Rotary Lobe Pumps Ace Tells You

This weekend an owner in the membrane treatment industry came to Ace for advice: he said that most of his peers were using rot or pumps, so he wanted to use lobe pumps too and consulted Ace Pumps. Here Ace will talk about why the membrane treatment industry should choose to use lobe pumps.

lobe pump

The membrane treatment industry has to choose to use lobe pumps for the following reasons.

1、lobe pump gas-liquid mixing

In short periods of time, the lobe pump allows for mixed gas-liquid transfer and can be pumped out independently. This feature is also widely used in the oil and petrochemical industry for unloading and sweeping processes.

2、lobe pump with strong self-priming ability, no need to fill the pump

The medium handled by the membrane is nearly clear water and, if piping losses are not taken into account, the self-priming capacity is up to 8.5 m. Because of the volumetric pump principle, the self-priming of the lobe pump does not require pump filling.

3、The lobe pump can be turned forward and reverse

The symmetrical design of the inlet and outlet of the lobe pump, with default left and right inlet and outlet, allows forward and reverse rotation, which can be achieved by changing the wiring direction of the motor. In MBR membrane treatment, forward transfer and reverse washing are possible, while test pressure can be achieved.

4、The lobe pump is easy and simple to maintain

The lobe pump can be quickly maintained without removing it from the process line, without dismantling the connecting piping and other associated devices, and without starting the pump cover to replace wearing parts (including rubber-coated rotors, wear-resistant liners, integrated mechanical seals, pump cover O-rings, etc.)

Warm reminder: the above is about why the membrane processing industry should choose to use the lobe pump related content. These are the reasons why membrane processing industry should choose to use lobe pump, do you understand it? With so many reasons, the membrane industry can give priority to lobe pumps, and the boss who wants to use lobe pumps can consult Ace, we serve you sincerely.