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May 11, 2022 View:

Why The Rotary Lobe Pump Can Be Used For Water Plant Sand Suction

The lobe pump can be used for sand suction in water plants mainly because it has a strong self-priming force and is easy to maintain at a later stage and has a long service life. Ace will introduce them in detail below.

lobe pump

The lobe pump uses a rubber covered rotor, the rubber material is made of Nitrile rubber with high wear resistance and other chemical components added, the rubber material and the skeleton use imported rubber adhesives to ensure the stability and wear resistance of the rubber rotor.

lobe pump with strong self-priming power without pump filling, with a self-priming height of up to 9 m.

In addition, another important reason for the lobe pump to be used for sand absorption in water plants is its simple and low cost maintenance method. When replacing wearing parts, there is no need to remove the pipeline, the motor, and when replacing the rotor, a single person can do it within 20 minutes.

In summary, the lobe pump is one of the best conveyors for sand absorption in water plants. Welcome to call for selection: +086-18626835909