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May 11, 2022 View:

Why The Rotary Lobe Pump Has Self-Priming Ability Will Be Understood After Reading

The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning a lobe pump is its superb self-priming capability, good through-put performance and long service life. The lobe pump can not only convey high viscosity media, slurries with a solid content of 60%, but also mixed solid-gas-liquid transport, and is widely used in the fields of grease, petrochemicals, warehouse cleaning and tank sweeping, underground and high speed railway sewage, breeding sewage, food waste treatment, etc.

The main reason why the lobe pump is self-priming is the long sealing line between the rubber covered rotor and the pump casing, which has almost no gap. After switching on, the suction force can be felt by hand at the inlet flange. The medium enters the pump cavity through the negative pressure of the inlet and tiny particles do not affect the normal delivery.

In addition, the lobe pump also has the ability to transport a mixture of gas and liquid, especially in the petrochemical industry at the final stage of tank bottom sweeping, as the mechanical seal of the lobe pump is individually lubricated and cooled, so there is no damage to the mechanical seal due to overheating.

Here we briefly describe it by sector.

In the petroleum and petrochemical industry, pumps with a good self-priming capacity are required for the self-priming of similar oily wastewater, tank bottom oil cleaning, unloading of trucks and sweeping of silos, and line sweeping processes.

Oily sewage pumping process, the requirements for self-priming capacity is generally 6-7 meters. In the storage and transportation process of sweeping silos and lines, the presence of residual media at the bottom of the tank produces a mixed state of gas and liquid transport, so while the self-priming capacity is strong, the mixed gas-liquid transport is also a feature of the lobe pump to meet customer requirements.

Gas-liquid mixing requires gas-liquid mixing in a short period of time, as the liquid becomes less and the presence of gas is conveyed, and the lobe pump can meet the requirements.

For other chemical solutions, such as ethanol, methanol, ethylene and other more complex chemical media, as long as you can choose rubber covered rotor (material FPM, NBR, EPDM) can achieve self-priming, but in the selection, pay attention not to choose too high speed can be.

lobe pump in the petroleum and petrochemical industry reflects the greater advantages, can better reflect its characteristics, then in the municipal sewage plant, biogas digestate, energy, paper, pumping integration and other industries more than the words.

For example, sludge pumps for settling tanks in sewage plants, residual sludge, return sludge, mud discharge, sand suction pumps. Water plants PAM, PAC, membrane treatment industries, manure effluent, river dredging can all use lobe pumps.