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May 14, 2022 View:

Why choose thickened sludge rotor pump

The thickened sludge lobe pump is the most common product in our life, because the suppliers want to use this product for the related production, so that when people choose these products, they may consider why they choose these products. Let's take a look together about the advantages of this product.

globe pump

I. Mixed transport of liquid and gas

The thickened sludge lobe pump will have a variety of different transport modes, both liquid and gas can be mixed, and the whole The mechanical seal of the equipment can do separate lubrication. It can bring a better cooling effect and can also transport gas separately without burning separately.

Second, low rotational speed

On the surface, the rotational speed of the thickened sludge lobe pump is between 50 and 500 and the best speed is between 100 and 300, which can bring better self-priming effect, and the whole installation is all dry installation. There is no need for irrigation at all, the machine can inhale by itself when it is turned on, and generally speaking the mileage is between 6 and 8 meters.

Three, wear resistance

The thickened sludge lobe pump product equipment can bring better wear resistance in the process of actual work, because it contains a variety of different protective liners, the overall result looks better, and can transport more granular materials. It can also transport more complex materials, other rubber-coated rotors, etc.

This thickened sludge lobe pump is accepted in most places for practical use because of these three advantages. In fact, in addition to these advantages, the process has also been improved, and as long as you can find a regular manufacturer you can buy a product with a very good reputation, and it will become mainstream in the process of use.