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May 18, 2022 View:

lobe pump in the application of how to avoid pumping gas turbidity condition

How to avoid the pumping time and cavitation condition in the operation process?
Pumping time: the pump runs with vapor and liquid in it, the pump can not work in, the total flow and working pressure tends to zero.
Cavitation: is generated in the operation of the pump, from the pump inside the substance, the total flow and working pressure shift and reduce, causing hydraulic power generation impactful. Sludge lobe pump.
General pump pumping time is a cavitation phenomenon generated within the pump, due to the installation of technical pipe leakage, suction into the vapor caused by the pumping time has been uncommon, most of them are all due to the actual operation and processing process transformation. Sludge lobe pump. lobe pump Sludge lobe pump. In the operation process, it is necessary to start from the actual operation standard of smooth processing process, the working temperature should be taken as a low limit, the working pressure should be taken as a low limit, in order to prevent or manipulate the cavitation condition, the total flow of the pump in the actual operation should be moderate, and try to avoid the working pressure and temperature to have a great shift. In the pump suction into the pipeline should avoid the retention of vapor, for the channel working pressure is negative pressure of the reserved pump channel should be turned off.
The lobe pump manufacturer must consider the application criteria
1. The regulations in line with the characteristics of the material, such as for overcurrent components of corrosion resistance, anti-wear regulations.
2. High reliability of machines and equipment, low noise and low vibration.
3. The economic development of the comprehensive consideration of the machine equipment cost, operation cost, maintenance cost of the fixed cost is less.
What is the harm of low viscosity of oil in motor rotor thick oil pump?
The low viscosity of motor rotor thick oil pump oil, gasoline pump internal leakage of water, capacity damage to expand, will make the system software high efficiency to reduce a hundred.
lobe pump manufacturers. The viscosity is chosen to be big, the hydraulic machine damage is big, the system software high efficiency is low, the gasoline pump goes to the oil difficult.