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May 18, 2022 View:

lobe pump mechanical seal problems and solutions

1, lobe pump installation static test when leakage
After the mechanical seal is installed and commissioned, the pump should be tested for relevant think performance, so as to observe the amount of leakage of the equipment. If there is a smaller leak, the reason is mostly a problem with the dynamic ring or static ring seal; if there is a relatively large amount of leakage, it may be a problem between the dynamic and static ring friction. When the pump seal leakage occurs, the first thing to do is to observe the amount of leakage of the pump, determine the general location, and then manually pan the car to observe.
2. The leakage of lobe pump during test run
When the pump goes through the above stage of testing, the centrifugal force generated by high speed rotation during the operation will also inhibit the leakage of media. Therefore, the mechanical seal leakage during trial operation is basically due to the damage caused by the friction of dynamic and static rings after the failure of the discharge inter-shaft and end cap seals. The main reasons for these phenomena are: the operation of the process of evacuation, cavitation, holding pressure, etc., thus causing a larger axial force, after leading to dynamic and static ring contact surface separation; excessive compression leads to more serious friction surface abrasion; dynamic ring seal ring is too tight, the spring can not adjust the amount of dynamic ring axial floating; static ring seal ring is too loose, when the dynamic ring axial floating, static ring from the static ring seat.
3. The mechanical seal of the lobe pump fails due to corrosion of the equipment: corrosion occurs at the joint of the face points of the seal, resulting in penetration and thus the phenomenon of pump leakage.
4. Mechanical seal failure of lobe pump due to high temperature effect: Long-term dry friction of equipment, sudden interruption of cooling water, impurities entering the sealing surface, evacuation, etc. at the sealing surface will lead to radial cracking of the replacement surface; some auxiliary seals will lead to aging, cracking, and then hardening and loss of elasticity under abnormal temperature. These same phenomena can lead to pump leaks. lobe pump