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May 18, 2022 View:

lobe pump operation should pay attention to what matters before

For lobe pump weekday maintenance should be placed in a dry, clean environment without corrosive gases, but also to save each used parts and accessories, which also pay special attention to the place is the explosion-proof parts can not appear to have damage hair pulling and damage phenomenon, found when these phenomena, you need to replace the new parts in a timely manner. There are also to the lobe pump to regularly add lubricating oil, because the pump is working, is highly operational, so the lubricating oil is also consumed relatively large, so let it work better and more, which needs to regularly add lubricating oil. In addition to this, it is also necessary to check whether the wires, plugs and switches are faulty and whether they are running well. For the high viscosity lobe pump, pay attention to the insulation, to dry it. lobe pumps are widely used in fruit concentrates, paste products, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemical industries, and are designed to transport fluids by means of the periodic transformation of multiple fixed volume conveying units in the working chamber. What are the things to pay attention to before operating and starting the lobe pump? Check the amount of oil in the gear box, observe the transparent oil mark, the oil stock to half of the oil mark window is normal; in addition, the lubricant should be replaced regularly, lobe pump in general, after 4000 hours of operation to replace all. Open all the inlet and outlet valves of the pipeline before starting, when the medium flows into the cavity, no abnormality after turning the pump by hand, you can first point to confirm the pump steering and media flow before starting formal operation, no empty pump operation is strictly prohibited, when the pump reaches normal speed, observe the pressure indicator of the pump. When the pump installation position has suction range requirements, should be filled with material in the pump inlet pipe and pump cavity. When the process requires heating or cooling of the medium, the pump should be opened before the heating or cooling device, heating energy is generally first mentioned * minutes to open, and then open the pump. Fitted with cooling water mechanical seal pump, the cooling water must be turned on before turning on the pump, and ensure that there is no disconnection after turning on the pump, otherwise the mechanical seal is damaged immediately. These are some lobe pump matters to pay attention to before operating the start, if not careful will lead to damage, must pay attention to, I hope it will help you.