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stainless steel rotary lobe pump
stainless steel rotary lobe pump

stainless steel rotary lobe pump

food grade rotary lobe pump sanitary lobe pump stainless steel lobe pump
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Product Introduction

sanitary rotary lobe pump, it's also called rotary lobe pump, three lobe pump, sole pump are widely applied in the beverage, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical and process industries, to transport thick liquid material .

Product Features:

1) Material:SUS304/ SUS 316L

2) Flow rate: 3L/100R -200L/100R

3) Capacity: 300-43000L/H

4) Speed: 200-500rpm

5) Power: 0.55-37kw

6) Voltage: 220V/380V/415V/440V, can be customized

7) Connection type: Clamp, Union, Flange

8) Inlet & Outlet size: can be customized

Rotor pump is also named rotary lobe pump, three-lobe pump, sole pump, etc. When the 2 simultaneous reverse rotating rotors(with 2-4 gears) revolve, it produces suction force at the inlet(vacuum), which intakes the material delivered. The 2 rotors divide the rotor housing into many smaller parts and resvoIve in the sequence of a→b→c→d. When it revolves to position a, only housing I is filed with medium; when it revolves to position b, housing B encloses part of the medium, when it goes to position C, housing A encloses medium, and finally it goes to position d, then housing A, B and ll are interlinked and the medium is transported to the outlet. As this process is repeated, medium(material)is transported continuously.

stainless steel rotary lobe pump

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