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winery lobe pump
winery lobe pump

winery lobe pump

Finding the right size and type of rotary lobe pump can help simplify pump-overs, moving wine, filling barrels, filtering and bottling
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Product Introduction

A rotary lobe pump is a positive displacement pump with two rotors in the pump head. The two rotors are fixed to the two shafts and rotate synchronously in the opposite direction. The rotation creates a vacuum volume on the inlet side. The liquid is drawn into the pump head and travels in the chamber between the rotor and the pump head housing and is extruded on the outlet side. The pump has a wide range of viscosity suitability. It has the characteristics of low speed, high efficiency, stable operation, strong self-priming ability, convenient pump operation and preheating. The pump features a multi-style seal for reliable performance and long life. It is an ideal conveying equipment for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil, daily life and so on.


Why you should use the wine pump

The Ace rotary lobe pump has significant advantages over traditional pumps used in the wine industry:  

reduced wine oxygenation

high suction capacity

resitant to dry-running

reduced noise level due to quiet pumping

service and maintenance friendly

Thanks to the special design of the Ace pumps and its innovative Quick Service concept, the service and maintenance is done on site, in nearly no time and can be done by any winery operator.

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